The Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island (SEARI) was formed to
pursue the common interests of individuals who practice structural engineering.  
As stated in the By-laws, specific interests include:

  • To advance the technical practice of structural engineers through meetings,
    seminars, and educational programs.

  • To improve the professional, business and administrative practice of
    structural engineering firms.

  • To advance proper legislation affecting structural engineering practice.

  • To establish a network among the members of the Association to
    communicate information of common interests to structural engineers.

  • To cultivate social contacts within its membership, and by closer
    association and a better mutual understanding, discourage unethical and
    detrimental practice, and inspirit a resolve to act collectively to benefit our

  • To encourage the pursuit of excellence in our practice, to maintain the
    honor and dignity of our profession, and to serve the public.

  • To serve as spokesman to the public on matters of structural engineering.

By-laws Download:

By-laws (pdf)
Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island