Form 128

Project Certification

In accordance with Section 128.0 of the Rhode Island Building Code, a registered
professional Engineer shall certify that he/she prepared or directly supervised the
preparation of drawings, computations and specifications and that to the best of
his/her knowledge such drawings, computations and specifications meet all
applicable provisions of the Rhode Island state building codes, all acceptable
engineering practices and all applicable laws for the proposed project.  The
Engineer shall further certify that they will perform the necessary professional
services and be present on the construction site on a regular and periodic basis to
determine that the work is proceeding in accordance with the documents approved
for the building permit and shall be responsible for additional requirements
specified in Section 128.2.2 and 128.2.3.

Final Certification

The final certification is to verify that the engineer has performed periodic
observations of the project and to the best of their knowledge, all work performed
was in conformance to the approved structural drawings and conforms to the
Rhode Island State Building Code structural requirements.  The certification also
states the building is ready for occupancy.

Form 128 Downloads:

Rhode Island Form 128 Project Certification (doc) (pdf)

Rhode Island Form 128 Final Certification (
doc) (pdf)
Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island