The Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island (SEARI) formed in 1998 is  
a non-profit organization established to pursue common interests of practicing
structural engineers and others sharing an interest in the activities of structural
engineers.  SEARI is a member of the National Council of Structural Engineers
Associations (NCSEA).

SEARI Upcoming Events

May 31, 2017:  
Please join us on W
ednesday, May 31, 2017 at 4:45 P.M. - 6:00 P.M. for "A
Selective History of the Forests and Wood Construction in the US” by Erik Nelson,
PE of Structures Workshop.  The subject will include types of forests used in
construction over the last couple centuries as well as the industrialization of the
wood process, why and where thing developed, hardwood vs softwood use in New
England, some Innovators and innovations in design and use, etc.  The
event is at
the offices of Structures Workshop, See
Flyer for more info.

SEARI Past Events

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SEARI Future Events

Typically, SEARI hosts 4 +/- events a year on the second Tuesday of the following
months (this may change depending on speaker availability):
-  Februrary
-  April
-  September
-  November
Check back with us here for event details.
Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island