The Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island (SEARI) is a non-profit
organization established to pursue common interests of practicing structural
engineers and others sharing an interest in the activities of structural engineers.

SEARI is a member of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations
(NCSEA). SEARI members receive all benefits provided by NCSEA including the
quarterly publication STRUCTURE Magazine.  SEARI meetings are held at least
four times a year at various locations in Rhode Island. Each meeting will provide
an opportunity to hear a guest speaker or presentation on a relevant topic as well
as reports on other member activities and issues of interest to our profession.

There are three types of membership...  
(1) Licensed professional engineers who are registered to practice structural
engineering in the State of Rhode Island are admitted as
Members upon                   
(2) Individuals sharing an interest in the activities of SEARI and engineering   
students may apply for admission as
Associate Members.  

The SEARI Board of Directors look forward to receiving your application.  Please
Fill out the following membership application and send to us.

Membership Download:
SEARI Renewal Form (pdf)
SEARI New Member Application (
Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island