Rhode Island Building Codes

The following link is to the R.I. Office of the Secretary of State where you will find
R.I. Building Code amendments and Fire Code regulations on file with the Office of
the Secretary of State. Many of the Rhode Island Building Code amendments
incorporate international or national codes by reference. This means you must
refer to BOTH the international or national code (plus supplements, if any) AND the
corresponding Rhode Island amendment.

Building Codes Link

SBC-1 2013 Rhode Island State Building Code
Incorporates the International Building Code,
IBC 2012 Edition, by reference

SBC-2 2013 Rhode Island State One and Two Family Dwelling Code
Incorporates the International Residential Code,
IRC 2012 Edition, by reference

SRC-1 2002 Rhode Island State Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing
Buildings and Structures.   
Note - Check with building department for use of IEBC

Comparison of the RI Rehab Code SRC-1 2002 to the IEBC 2012 (For Information

The SEARI Building Code Committee prepared the attached document
Comparison of the RI Rehab Code SRC-1 to the IEBC 2012".   RI may be
adopting the 2012 IEBC (International Existing Building Code) to replace the
current RI Rehab Code SRC-1 of 2002 sometime in 2013.  We prepared this high
level overview of the two codes and major changes to building structural design
provisions that will occur when Rhode Island adopts the IEBC.
Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island